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Medical Insurance in Kenya: Best 10 Health Insurance Companies: 2024 Update


6 best medical insurance in Kenya companies

When it comes best medical insurance covers in Kenya, everyone is always looking for the best medical insurance companies in Kenya 2022. Looking at the IRA Kenya health insurance report for 2020, medical insurance in Kenya contributed to 34.4% of annual gross written insurance premiums.

What medical insurance covers in Kenya

When it comes to medical insurance in Kenya covers the following 5 broad areas:

  1. Inpatient services that cater to hospital admissions following illnesses and accidents.
  2. Outpatient services include lab tests and consultations for non-admission cases.
  3. Maternity services
  4. Routine dental services such as cleaning and extractions
  5. Optical/eye services

Read more about what medical insurance in Kenya covers in detail here.

List of health insurance companies in Kenya

The list of health insurance companies in Kenya 2022 in no particular include:

  1. AAR Insurance
  2. Jubilee Insurance
  3. UAP Old Mutual is now Old Mutual
  4. Britam Insurance
  5. APA Insurance
  6. Madison Insurance
  7. CIC Insurance
  8. First Assurance
  9. GA Insurance
  10. Kenyan Alliance
  11. MUA insurance
  12. Pacis Insurance

AAR Insurance

One of the more famous companies when it comes to medical insurance in Kenya is the AAR health insurance plan. AAR Health insurance packages are:

AAR health insurance packagePackage LimitBest Outpatient
Cover Me Ksh. 500,000 illness
Ksh. 500,000 accident
Best matched with Ksh. 50,000
BronzeKsh. 1,000,000 illness
Ksh. 2,000,000 accident
Best matched with Ksh. 50,000-75,000
SilverKsh. 2,000,000 illness
Ksh. 4,000,000 accident
Best matched with Ksh. 50,000-100,000
Silver PlusKsh. 4,000,000 illness
Ksh. 8,000,000 accident
Best matched with Ksh. 50,000-150,000
GoldKsh. 10,000,000 illness
Ksh. 10,000,000 accident
Best matched with Ksh. 50,000-200,000
PlatinumKsh. 20,000,000 illness
Ksh. 20,000,000 accident
Best match with Ksh. 50,000-250,000

AAR medical insurance rates in Kenya

When it comes to the cost of AAR medical insurance in Kenya, it is important to know that, the total cost will depend on:

  1. Age: the older you are the more you pay in premiums
  2. Limit of inpatient and outpatient you take. The higher the limits the higher the cost
  3. Family size: the larger the family the higher the premiums.

Assuming a family of 4 members, AAR medical insurance rates start from Ksh. 42,000 a year. The AAR medical insurance in Kenya costs are as below:

AAR insurance packagesCost as from
Cover MeKsh. 16,361/-
BronzeKsh. 18,148/-
SilverKsh. 21,619/-
Silver PlusKsh. 28,009/-
GoldKsh. 56,702/-
PlatinumKsh. 116,797/-

What makes AAR health insurance plans unique?

  1. Maternity insurance forms part of inpatient therefore you don’t pay extra.
  2. Dental and optical insurance form part of outpatient and they are covered up to 10% of the outpatient limit
  3. The separation between inpatient accident cover and illness cover gives it a competitive edge
  4. AAR Inpatient cover only is quite affordable for individuals below 50 years old.
  5. AAR insurance offers a no-claim discount from the third year as long as you don’t claim
  6. Offers low copayment to tier 1 hospitals

Jubilee Health Insurance

Jubilee Medical Insurance in Kenya has the biggest market share of almost 10%. This makes Jubilee health insurance a household name in Kenya when it comes to health insurance. Jubilee health insurance plans include:

  1. J-Care: This is designed for individuals between 18 -65 years
  2. J-seniors: This is for individuals aged 66-79 years.
  3. J-Care Juniors: This is designed for children between 0-17 years old.

Jubilee insurance medical cover packages are as shown:

Jubilee insurance medical cover packagesInpatient LimitBest outpatient limit
Classic LimitKsh. 500,000 Ksh. 50,000
PremierKsh. 1,00,000Ksh. 50,000
AdvancedKsh. 2,000,000Ksh. 80,000
ExecutiveKsh. 3,000,000Ksh. 100,000
RoyalKsh. 5,000,000Ksh. 150,000
PlatinumKsh. 10,000,000Ksh. 200,000

Jubilee insurance medical cover rates

Jubilee health insurance cost and premium rates assuming a family of 4 start from Ksh. 51,000, for kids only Ksh. 19,000 per child and Ksh. 52,000 per senior citizen. Please note that this is inpatient only as it’s the mandatory cover to have for any medical insurance in Kenya.

Type of Jubilee Insurance health packageCost as from
J-CareKsh. 18,743/-
J-SeniorsKsh. 18,743/-
J-JuniorKsh. 51,905/-

What makes Jubilee medical insurance in Kenya unique?

  1. High levels of dental and optical cover limits for individuals up to Ksh. 50,000 each
  2. Copayment in only two hospitals: M Shah and Nairobi Hospitals for outpatient
  3. An option to buy out the copayment from point 2 above for individual clients and families
  4. Well-negotiated and affordable medical examination costs for individuals above 50 years seeking to get their coverage.

Britam Medical Cover

Britam health insurance in Kenya is one unique product due to the way in which they have structured their medical coverage. It is subdivided into 4 main Britam insurance packages as discussed below. It also helps bring out the way health insurance at Britam is.

How does Britan insurance work?

  1. Advantage: This is a high-cost cover with unrestricted hospital access to all medical insurance providers. It provides for critical illnesses only at the 10M and 5M inpatient cover limits only. It also covers chronic, congenital, and pre-existing conditions to the full limit
  2. Premier: It has similar hospital access to the advantage plan including cover for critical illness cover only to the 5M and 10M inpatient limit only. Chronic, congenital, and pre-existing conditions are subject to sub-limits defined in the Britam medical insurance policy.
  3. Essential 1: Hospital access is restricted to Tier 2 and 3 as defined by Britam insurance. No coverage is provided for critical illnesses while chronic, congenital, and pre-existing conditions are covered according to the sub-limits
  4. Essential 2: Hospital coverage is restricted to Tier 3 as defined under the Britam insurance health insurance policy. No cover is provided for critical illness while chronic, congenital, and pre-existing covered are covered according to the sub-limits.

Read more on how the benefits are matched at Britam health insurance.

How much is Britam’s health insurance?

Considering the various health insurance plans that Britam insurance has to offer, the four variations of Britam’s health milele insurance plan start as below:

Type of Britam Health Insurance plan Cost as from
AdvantageKsh. 17,332/-
PremierKsh. 11,099/-
Essential 1Ksh. 9,001/-
Essential 2Ksh. 8,127/-

How to join Britam’s health milele insurance plan?

Just like any other medical insurance in Kenya provider, you will need:

  1. Copy of ID/passport
  2. Copy of KRA pin
  3. Be of age 18-75 years
  4. Medical examination for new members join aged 55 years and above
  5. Have NHIF in place

Old Mutual Insurance Medical Insurance Packages

Old Mutual Insurance, formerly, UAP Old Mutual Insurance is one of the leading health insurance companies in Kenya offering a wide variety of health insurance covers in Kenya. Having about 16.75% of the gross written premiums under medical insurance in Kenya in the year 2021 means it is a major player in the market.

Old Mutual medical insurance in Kenya has four cover options as below:

  1. Afya Imara
  2. Afya County
  3. Afya Imara seniors
  4. Afya Imara Executive

The Afya Imara packages for families and individuals insurance package covers are as below:

Afya Imara Outpatient Limit
500,00050,000 – 60,000/-

Old Mutual Afya county medical insurance in Kenya cover structure is as below:

Afya County Medical InsuranceOutpatient

Afya Imara Seniors’ medical insurance in Kenya coverage is as below:

Afya Imara Seniors LimitOutpatient limit

Afya Imara Executive medical insurance coverage is as below:

Afya Imara Executive medical insuranceOutpatient limit

Old Mutual medical insurance rates

UAP Old Mutual medical insurance rates are shown below:

Type of Old Mutual Health Insurance plan Cost as from
Afya ImaraKsh. 32,257
Afya Imara CountyKsh. 11,184
Afya Imara JuniorKsh. 32, 954-Unlimited
Ksh. 29, 538-Gertrudes only
Afya Imara SeniorsKsh. 116, 352
Afya Imara ExecutiveKsh. 222,424
What makes uap old mutual medical insurance in kenya unique

What makes Old Mutual health insurance unique?

  1. Old Mutual medical insurance has critical illness cover that covers specific critical illnesses upon the first diagnosis up to 750,000. These critical illnesses include heart attacks, paralysis, cancer, stroke, and kidney failure
  2. Up to 5 health insurance packages to fit various budget plans
  3. Old Mutual insurance offers a no-claim discount from the third year as long as you don’t claim.

APA Medical Insurance Cover

Regarding medical insurance in Kenya, APA insurance is one of the top medical insurance providers offering a wide variety of health insurance plans. For individual health insurance plans, APA Insurance offers both enhanced and budget-friendly plans.

The two options provided by APA insurance are:

  1. Jamii Plus
  2. Afya Nafuu

APA medical insurance in Kenya packages are provided in the benefits indicated below:

Type of APA medical insurance plan (Jamii Plus)Outpatient benefits available
500,000Ksh. 50,000-150,000
1,000,000Ksh. 50,000-150,000
2,000,000Ksh. 50,000-150,000
5,000,000Ksh. 50,000-150,000
10,000,000Ksh. 50,000-150,000

When it comes to the APA Afya Nafuu medical insurance plan is as below:

Type of APA medical insurance plan (Afya Nafuu)Outpatient benefits available
100,000Ksh. 30,000
300,000Ksh. 40,000
500,000Ksh. 50,000
750,000Ksh. 75,000
1,000,000Ksh. 100,000

APA medical insurance cost

APA medical insurance premiums are as below:

APA Medical Insurance PlanCost as from
Jamii PlusKsh. 18, 480/-
Afya NafuuKsh. 8,900

What makes APA medical insurance plans unique?

  1. Flexibility and ability to match your preferred inpatient limit with an outpatient limit
  2. The enhanced Jamii Plus is also very fairly priced.
  3. Low copayment options of the tier 1 hospitals.
  4. Shorter waiting period for maternity insurance

Madison insurance medical cover

Madison Betterlife cover is a unique medical insurance cover with the way it is structured. The madison insurance benefits come in options:

  1. Madison betterlife premier
  2. Madison betterlife executive
  3. Madison betterlife budget
  4. Madison ignite

The Madison betterlife premier medical insurance packages are structured as below:

Madison Premier insurance packages
Associated OutpatientB
Betterlife 3,000,000Ksh. 100,000
Betterrlife 4,000,000Ksh. 150,000
Betterlife 5,000,000Ksh. 200,000

The Madison betterlife executive medical insurance packages are structured as below:

Madison executive insurance packages
Associated Outpatient
Betterlife 1,000,000Ksh. 100,000
Betterlife 1,500,000Ksh. 100,000
Betterlife 2,000,00Ksh. 150,000

The Madison betterlife budget medical insurance packages are structured as below:

Madison Betterlife budget insurance packages
Associated Outpatient
Betterlife 500,000Ksh. 50,000
Betterlife 1,000,000Ksh. 75,000
Betterlife 1,500,000Ksh.100,000

The Madison betterlife ignite medical insurance packages are structured as below:

Madison betterlife ignite insurance packages
Associated Outpatient
Ignite 500,000Ksh. 50,000
Ignite 1,000,000Ksh. 75,000

Madison insurance medical cover rates

Madison medical insurance in Kenya cover offers a wide variety of benefits and the cost is as below:

Madison Medical Insurance PlanCost as from
Madison Betterlife PremierKsh. 42,600
Madison Betterlife ExecutiveKsh. 26,600
Madison Betterlife Budget15,400
Madison Ignite18,400

What makes Madison medical insurance unique?

  1. Wide options for medical insurance cover selection.
  2. Betterlife premier, ignite and budget covers do not have a copayment for outpatient
  3. The Madison betterlife budget plan offers a high hospital selection for a budget plan
  4. All benefits are per person
  5. Shorter waiting period for maternity insurance

When it comes to medical insurance in Kenya, this list is not exhaustive, it just touches on 6 medical insurance in Kenya companies based on individual health insurance. This is just part one of this article.

We have also written a comprehensive article on the cheapest health insurance in Kenya

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