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7 Valuable Upgrades to Your Motor Insurance In Kenya


Motor Insurance in Kenya

Are you a car owner? Do you know the types of car insurance in Kenya? Do you know what benefits your comprehensive motor private insurance in Kenya offers? If not, we’ve got you covered. Some of these upgrades are provided for up to a specific free limit upon which any value above that limit, you pay an additional premium at a specified rate.

We shall discuss the 7 most valuable upgrades for your motor insurance below:

Windscreen/Window glass

Did you know that your motor insurance in Kenya offers a free windscreen cover up to a specified limit? Most companies give this free limit between KES. 20,000-50,000. This means that in the event that your windscreen or window glass cracks or shatters, the insurer can repair the insured up to the limit specified in the policy.

This limit however is available for one claim usage only whether claimed in full or not. So once utilized and it’s at the beginning of the insurance cover period, we highly recommend buying back the benefit. Most insurance companies in Kenya will charge you a rate of 10% for buying back this option.

In the event that after valuation we notice that the value of the windscreen is greater than the free limit, we recommend insuring the windscreen cover up to the valued amount. This will help you in the event of a claim to protect you from paying for the difference from out of pocket

Entertainment System

When it comes to your motor insurance in Kenya, your entertainment system is covered as well. This means that in the event your entertainment system is stolen, then it will be replaced as per the stated free limit cover in your policy.

The free limit option is applied similarly to that of the windscreen cover. Therefore, it can be only used once. Upon which you will decide whether to buy it back to your policy upon using it. Any deliberate damage and electrical failure to your car entertainment system are not covered.

In the event that after your car valuation you realize the value of the entertainment system is above the free limit, you are at liberty to insure the difference at the rate of 10%.

Excess Protector for Motor Insurance In Kenya

This is the most popular benefit that comes highly recommended by insurance agents and companies in Kenya. This benefit basically seems to take care of the aspect called excess for motor insurance in Kenya. To understand what this is we must first define what excess in motor insurance is.

Excess as used in the motor insurance in Kenya means the first amount of claim that is payable or is the responsibility of the insured. This means that there is always that part of a claim that you as the owner of the car will be required to pay to make a successful claim in an insurance company.

This excess varies from class to class of motor insurance for example in most private motor insurance cases it will be defined as 2.5% of the value of the car. e.g. 2.5% of KES. 2M is KES. 50,000. Therefore this means the first KES. 50,000 will always be the responsibility of the car owner and any amount above that, the insurance company pays.

In most cases, you might see a clause that says, 2.5% value of car subject to a minimum of KES. 20,000. What this means is that if your value of car multiplied by 2.5% gives a figure of less than KES. 20,000 then your excess shall be the KES. 20,000.

You can learn more about excess here.

Therefore you can choose to buy the excess protector which will mean once the damage is above the excess, the insurance company pays for all the claims. If you do not have the excess protector, you will be required to submit the excess amount to the insurance company upon making a successful claim.

We at Amssurity highly recommend having this benefit added to your motor insurance in Kenya. This benefit usually comes at an extra cost.

Political Violence and Terrorism Cover

Just as the name suggests, it covers you against politically motivated damages and terrorism. The clause that is given for you to benefit from this benefit is to show that you were not an active participant in such related violence as this means you knew the risks involved and therefore you will not be compensated.

This cover is also provided at extra cost and varies from insurer to insurer.

Courtesy Car/Loss of Use In Motor Insurance In Kenya

This is one of those covers that are need-based as this varies from one person to another. What this cover does is that it gives you another car to use for the period when your car is grounded following an accident and your car is being fixed.

If you rely heavily on your car either for business and you cannot operate without using it, we recommend you get this cover. If you have another car, we also do not see the need for you to have this cover. When deciding on the need to get this cover, look at your lifestyle and needs.

The cover can be taken for 10 days-30 days depending on your needs and the amount payable is added to your insurance premium.

Rescue Services Available in You Motor Insurance In Kenya.

Motor Insurance in Kenya

We shall look at rescue services in the context of two scenarios.

Rescue after an Accident

In the event, you have an accident and your vehicle becomes grounded and can’t move or the damage has affected the engine area and you are not sure the extent of the damage, insurance does come to the rescue.

Your motor insurance has a small towing limit of between KES. 20,000-KES. 50,000 as per your policy in which the cost incurred to tow the vehicle to the garage or assessment center of an insurance company. This amount is usually reimbursed after a successful claim or your agent can help coordinate rescue depending on the location.

Other Rescue Services.

Other rescue services such as AA Rescue Kenya, Infarma can be added to your motor insurance in Kenya at the various costs as charged by the service provider. The cost range between KES. 6,500-7,500. These services offer all types of rescue whether as a result of an accident, or mechanical and electrical breakdown of your car. Some services they offer are free for a specific radius or time and anything else at a subsidized cost.

Riots, Strike and Civil Commotion

In the event, you meet a group of rioters and other civil disturbances happen and your vehicle is damaged, your insurance company will compensate you subject to the excess limit. In most cases, this comes as a free benefit.

Therefore, to take full advantage of your comprehensive motor insurance in Kenya, you need to understand what free limits you have and understand your valuation report.

We at Amssurity ensure we give you the best coverage for your motor insurance in Kenya by discussing with you the impact of your valuation on your insurance and also getting you a cover that matches your lifestyle.

There are so many other benefits available that you can add to your motor insurance in Kenya but the above-mentioned are the most notable and popular ones that our clients choose.

You can compare various motor insurance in Kenya by on the link below or reach us on 0762 065 500 either by Call or Whatsapp. With us, you get to enjoy the best car insurance rates in kenya 2022

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