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6 Easy Steps to Buying Medical Insurance In Kenya


Medical insurance in Kenya. A step by step guide on how to purchase medical insurance in Kenya

So you have decided to buy medical insurance in Kenya and you are wondering where to start? Well, at Amssurity Insurance we have come up with six easy steps that are proven and tried from our years of experience with selling individual health insurance.

What are the steps to finding health insurance

1. Identify Your Needs For Medical Insurance

One of the biggest challenges we have come across while selling medical insurance in Kenya is identifying the needs of the prospective client. This often arises when the prospective client might not be willing to disclose the real reason as to why they need to take insurance. Some could be a result of having a pre-existing condition, others could be a result of pregnancy.

Medical insurance should be purely taken as a means to protect you and your loved ones in the event of medical emergencies. Unlike retirement, medical emergencies are not foreseen and therefore one cannot always be prepared to meet the cost head-on.

Medical Insurance should be used as a way to safeguard your savings and emergency funds for things like loss of income or reduced income to avoid draining savings when medical emergencies arise.

Also note that it is important to note that you will need to consider whether you need an inpatient cover, outpatient, dental, optical, and maternity covers for your medical health insurance in Kenya. The minimum mandatory cover across all plans is the inpatient cover.

2. What is your budget for Medical Insurance?

Purchasing a medical insurance plan is a major investment for many clients. The critical decision comes down to how much are you willing to spend? Medical insurance in Kenya can be expensive, but we strive to ensure that our clients get the best value for money by working to determine their needs and budget and find a plan that is best suited to them.

This means that we personalize the buying experience for you, matching your needs to your budget to get you the very best plan for your money. But it’s important to remember that more coverage comes with a cost. A more comprehensive medical and dental insurance plan will come at a higher premium to the client.

3. Talk to an Agent

We realize that clients are busy people, and making sense of the language used by insurance companies is sometimes hard. This is where we as Amssurity come in to do the hard work for you. We have years of experience selling medical insurance plans from various insurance companies in Kenya, both with local providers and also some of the most reputable international medical insurance providers.

We aim to give you personalized service coupled with efficiency to ensure that you get the very best. We go through the nitty-gritty details of all the various products and ensure that we only match you to the very best.

Medical insurance in Kenya

5. Look at Comparative Medical Insurance Plans

In as much as we at Amssurity strive to offer a variety of options for a comparative look across several insurance companies, we do not work with all insurance companies. Therefore, we always encourage clients who might still feel not satisfied with our offerings to feel free to look at the various other options available out there.

At Amssurity we believe that the client should feel free to engage with other agents in the buying process to get the best deal possible. However, we also encourage our clients to do due diligence in researching agents to avoid dealing with unscrupulous characters and getting short-changed.

5. Exclusions, Copay, and Waiting periods

When shopping for medical insurance it’s important to remember that almost every plan includes some things the insurance simply won’t cover. These items are known in insurance as exclusions. It is important for the client to know what is covered and what is not covered by the plan they have opted to take.

We provide an in-depth overview of the major exclusions across the plans we have to ensure the prospective client’s needs are met.

We also take the client through the waiting period for the medical insurance. The waiting period is the amount of time before the client is able to use the cover, especially for new policy takers or members. We help the clients by providing this information to ensure that they pick out what works for their needs.

We also take them through the copayment options available across all plans. Copay is the portion of the medical bill that the client is responsible for paying and is not paid by the insurance company. This is normally a flat fee that the client pays for all outpatient consultation services. For plans that do not have copay requirements, the premiums tend to be higher.

6. Hospital Provider Panel and Preferred Doctors

One of the most frequent questions from our clients is whether their preferred hospital or doctor is covered by the medical insurance plan they take.

We provide a list of the hospitals and doctors the client can visit under their preferred plan before making a decision. We also ask the client if they have a preferred doctor or medical practice and advise them to speak with their doctor to ask what type of insurance the practice accepts.

You can compare our plans when it comes to finding medical insurance, get a quote, or even a comparative look at the various plans we have. You can also reach us on call or Whatsapp on 0762 065 500 to discuss affordable health insurance.

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